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The property lobby is having the upper hand…for now

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Despite global weakness, Shanghai actually went up 2.1% today. This is NOT an indication of faith in the global recovery, or any recovery, but rather an expectation of loosening of governmental controls over the property market.

Due to popular backlashes against runaway housing prices, Chinese government launched a series of cooling measures in April, causing a sharp drop in turnover (Shanghai saw a fall of over 75% in turnover) but the impact on prices has been marginal so far. To date, the developers have refused to cut prices, buttressed by record profits last year. However, the war of attrition is gradually starting to bite, and an association representing the developers has plead with the central government in an open letter to loosen the controls.

Despite repeated government responses of “No”, you can’t blame the public for trusting the developers more, as previous cooling measures all ended in sharp policy reversal in the face of economic slowdown. However, I think the government will hold out for longer this time, at least for one more quarter.

  1. Chinese slowdown will not be apparent until end of Q3. There’s still a wee bit of time.
  2. Popular discontent with extra-orbital housing prices is threatening the CCP’s legitimacy. Contrary to western conception, even an authoritarian government has to deal with popular opinion if it wants to stay in power.
  3. Housing policy is believed to be part of the portfolio of Li Keqiang, slated to the China’s next premier. Failing in a key policy initiative will become a major stumbling block on his personal route to power.

As such, I believe housing policy will remain unchanged (i.e. tight money, anti-speculation) till the end of Q3. Since I expect rapid deterioration of the Chinese economy in Q4, the government might be forced to revert its stance then.


Written by Cindy Luk

August 16, 2010 at 4:57 pm

Posted in China, Macro

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